Terri Dominick


Corporate Relations Manager, Development Team

Connecting people to the work of United Way has been Terri Dominick’s strength for more than five years.  

As Corporate Relations Manager, Terri manages a variety of business partners and oversees the Women’s Leadership Council work in Westmoreland and Fayette counties.

Terri’s workday changes throughout the year. While United Way workplace campaigns are running, she’s helping with fundraising. For the rest of the year, she’s planning for the next campaign season. Terri also spends time cultivating relationships with her assigned corporations, local WLC members and potential members and supporters of United Way’s mission.

Being around people who love to help others is Terri’s favorite part of working for United Way. On one occasion, she was able to hear from a senior who received daily assistance thanks to United Way. The woman had no family in the area and was grateful that someone was able to help her remain independent and relieve her from feeling isolated. This memory sticks with Terri and reminds her that simple acts of kindness can have a lasting impact.

When she’s not working, Terri spends time with her family and enjoys her passions: coaching and judging national and international baton twirling, college football and visiting Paris, France (she’s been there five times!). She lives in Latrobe with her husband – her high school sweetheart who she reconnected with 27 years later – and three dogs. Together, they have three grown children.

Thank you, Terri, for your many years at United Way. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!