Mary’s Story

Thankful for Generous Friends

Mary, age 78, has multiple chronic health issues that limit her mobility and require regular medical attention. She lives alone and can’t drive. It’s a challenge to get to medical appointments: her sons can’t leave work that often, most of her friends are gone, and she can’t afford to pay for transportation. These aren’t just routine visits. “I’ve had 19 surgeries over my lifetime and almost died twice last year. I’d really be stuck without Dale. She’s taken me to my doctors for over two years now. What else would I do?” Like most seniors, Mary wants to stay in her home as long as she can. “I love living here. There are so many little things I can’t do,” she says. “But I can manage with a little extra help.” Mary’s thankful for Dale’s generosity, for her cheerful warmth, and for her friendship. “Dale is so lovely. God has given me good people.”

Dale, Mary’s Open Your Heart to a Senior volunteer driver feels richly rewarded, too, ” I know there is a great need and I’m providing a valuable service. But I really do it because helping these people makes me feel so good!”