Tina Moracsyzk

Tina Moracsyzk

Expanding her network to create a greater community impact.

Tina Morascyzk joined Giant Eagle in 2018 and is currently the Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Construction. She is primarily responsible for leading all aspects of the supermarket real estate portfolio. Tina is Co-President of the company’s Women’s Business Resource Group, which advocates for the life-career of women across Giant Eagle. She is a member of their Standing Up Against Racism Food Access Committee, which is committed to understanding the role of systemic racism in the food system and making a difference, and also supports the company’s Team Member Care Fund. In 2020, Tina was named a “Top Woman in Grocery,” in the Senior-Level Executives category, by Progressive Grocer, a prestigious honor for female leaders in the grocery industry.

Tina is a native Pittsburgher and resides in Cranberry Township with her husband and three children. “Growing up, I consistently witnessed my parents’ giving nature, their kindness, and their generosity. They worked hard, and always shared their blessings, so I want to set the same example for my own children,” said Tina. This has inspired her involvement with several charities, including March of Dimes, where she serves on the Western Pennsylvania Market Board of Directors as Vice Chairperson and leads the organization’s “Movement Committee.”  She also serves on Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh’s Board of Directors.

It was through Giant Eagle’s United Way annual company campaign in 2018 that Tina decided to join the organization as a member of the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) and Bridges Society. In 2021, Tina joined the Allegheny County WLC Leadership Team. “Giant Eagle has an amazing group of women leaders that support United Way and are members of WLC. We had a total of 30 members from Giant Eagle last year and through the last workplace campaign, we grew our membership to 51 members,” said Tina. “We’d love to continue growing this strong network and introduce even more women leaders to the service, networking, education, and growth and development opportunities available through the WLC membership.”

United Way and WLC have helped Tina demonstrate to her children the importance of getting involved by providing opportunities for them to serve together as a family in her community. Tina and her children prepared pre-school lesson plan kit crates and social-emotional learning kits for donation by the United Way to children in need. The crates were given to local pre-school centers to start their classroom libraries and are designed to get students excited about reading.  The kits help children focus on self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and other valuable skills.

Apart from helping people in the community, WLC offers support for their members own personal and professional growth. Tina participated in a simulation activity through United Way that deepened her understanding of poverty in her community and how seemingly easy it is for one decision or circumstance to put a person or family into poverty. “The pandemic highlighted how so many can suddenly find themselves in a crisis. It also highlighted the goodwill of neighbors, ready and willing to offer support to help,” said Tina. “United Way is connected to so many wonderful support organizations throughout our community, through a coordinated effort, they mobilize EVERYONE to provide equitable support for all, where everyone can thrive.

Beyond volunteer opportunities, WLC has provided Tina with network and professional growth opportunities. “WLC has over 2,000 members you can connect with,” said Tina. “There are countless professional development opportunities and planning committees that help strengthen your leadership skills”.

There are also exclusive events throughout the year that bring the group together, virtually and in person. “I attended the WLC 20th Anniversary Celebration in person and being surrounded by so many strong women leaders, including many colleagues and friends from Giant Eagle, was electrifying!” said Tina. “We all had such a great time- for a great cause!” 
To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, contact Lynne Popash at lynne.popash@unitedwayswpa.org in Allegheny County or Terri Dominick at Terri.Dominick@unitedwayswpa.org  in Westmoreland County, or Sherrie Dunlap Gallagher at sherrie.dunlapgallagher@unitedwayswpa.org in Butler County.