Stacy Juchno

What We Do Now will Shape the Community for Years to Come

Stacy Juchno’s parents taught her that there’s no substitute for hard work. At 15, Stacy’s first job at a fast food restaurant “showed me what it was like to work hard for very little.” The experience motivated her to focus even more on school and develop a clear career path. It also gave her a window into the plight of financially struggling families: “This was how some of my co-workers supported themselves and their families. I couldn’t imagine how, on such a small income, you could weather the unforeseen circumstances that life throws at you.”

As a young student growing up in Erie, PA Stacy considered a variety of different professions. But when she took a high school accounting class she found that she liked the challenge, and she was good at it.  When Stacy and her identical twin, Jennifer, headed for Gannon University in 1994, Stacy knew what she wanted to do: “Accounting was an easy choice, not only for a college major but for a career.” She joined PNC Financial Services Group in 2009 and has served as Executive Vice President and General Auditor since April 2014.

Stacy’s high standards and strong work ethic have ensured her continuing professional success, but she hasn’t forgotten where she came from or the importance of giving back. Stacy was inspired by the community involvement of a dynamic young colleague, Stephanie Garbe, but she “struggled for a while to find my own passion, and to determine which organizations meant the most to me.” Her charitable giving seemed spread a little too thin: “I felt like I was giving something to a lot of organizations, but was always wondering if it really was making a difference. I’ve since become very involved with supporting Veterans and women.” Stacy joined the Tocqueville Society because “I have been so impressed with United Way, and how it allocates out contributions. I realized that my contributions to the causes I care about could go further with United Way.”