Wendell T. Robinson

When Growing Up in the Church and Being a Boy Scout Establishes a Foundation for Future Giving and Service.
Ongoing Involvement in Events Like Day of Caring Keeps Those with a Passion for Giving Back Engaged and Committed.

Wendell Robinson is the General Surgery Residency and Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Program Coordinator for Allegheny Health Network.

1.   Are you from Pittsburgh? Have you ever lived anywhere else? I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I attended elementary and middle school in the Penn Hills School District. I graduated from Boyce Middle College High School, located at the CCAC Boyce Campus. I went to school in Ohio but returned home to assist in taking care of my grandmother, who later passed away.

2.   Why did you choose to make Southwest PA your home?  My family and friends keep me connected to Southwestern Pennsylvania.

3.   Tell us a little about your family. My father passed away when I was ten years old and my mother raised me as a single mom. I have two siblings. We lived in the Penn Hills area of Pittsburgh.

4.   How did you choose the career you’re in today? I have always had a passion for education. I remember as a young child pretending to be a school teacher and having my cousins be the students in my classroom. I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Pittsburgh Gifted Center in high school, which exposed me to educational administration and student affairs. As I progressed in my career, I discovered Graduate Medical Education in Healthcare, which became my passion.

5.   What do you love most about your job?  I enjoy seeing the residents and fellows grow, achieve their goals and love being a part of their journey to being successful medical professionals. Their passion for knowledge continues to be the reason why I chose Graduate Medical Education.

6.   What is something people might not know about you?  I have a fear of public speaking and am shy around people I don’t know.

7.   What is your favorite book or TV show, and why? I enjoy watching reality tv shows. They always give me an excellent catchphrase to use in conversations and they remind me that some of the issues that we deal with are minor in the greater scheme of life.

8.   What are some of your hobbies or favorite things to do outside of work?  I enjoy traveling, volunteering, walking, swimming, watching comedy movies and eating at a nice restaurant.

9.   Why do you think it’s so important to give back to your community? I grew up in the church and was a boy scout, which taught me the meaning of service. I have always been blessed to have a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear. I have also seen people who have been hungry, not have the best opportunities and the impact of physical and mental health issues. I want to do my part to help others whenever possible.

10. Why do you volunteer with United Way? I volunteer with United Way because It allows me to give back in a variety of ways.  I have always been taught to give my time, talent and treasures to serve, and United Way allows me to do all three.

11. What is your favorite United Way memory? I remember attending my first volunteer event at the convention center – the Games Event with Kids. I enjoy getting to see their smiling faces, helping them learn about healthy eating and team building. It’s also a great way to meet other young professionals.