Finding common ground with other caregivers

United for Caregivers@Work helps an employee cope and take care of her mother.

Audrey was a full-time employee at Deloitte in Pittsburgh. But Audrey also had another time consuming job as family caregiver to her 88-year-old mother who suffered from dementia.

Through Deloitte’s partnership with United Way’s United for Caregivers@Work program Audrey was able to locate resources and support.

Deloitte holds Caregiver Support Meetings every month where employees come together to hear about resources available in the community, share stories and ideas, and ultimately find common ground. “I realized I’m not the only one here that is in this boat. I heard my coworkers’ stories and we were all able to relate to one another and offer support,” Audrey explained. “Working full time and caring for a loved one can be tough, but the Caregiver Support Meetings and help from Deloitte made it easier.”

Audrey learned about United Way’s Open Your Heart to a Senior program, and Deloitte’s new 16-week paid leave time for employees who are also caregivers. “Working for a company that cares so much about its employees and is willing to put this much time into ensuring we have the support we need makes me feel like I don’t have to hide what I’m going through. That’s a good feeling,” Audrey said. “You never know when a loved one might need cared for. United Way is there to help.”

While Audrey’s mother no longer lives with her and her husband, Audrey continues to attend the Caregiving Support Meetings so she can share her experiences with others and continue learning different ways she can support her mother. To learn more about United for Caregivers@Work, visit