Jason D’Amico

Making an Impact

“I’m a guide for my mentee, not a parent, teacher or enforcer. It’s a unique relationship that many of these students don’t have anywhere else. And neither do I.”

When Jason heard about Be A Middle School Mentor, he helped United Way to recruit a group of volunteer mentors from his law firm. A long-time United Way supporter, Jason wanted to be a positive influence in the lives of kids with few advantages. For almost three years he’s mentored the same middle school student, a likeable boy who has become more successful and mature under Jason’s guidance.

Jason has expanded his mentee’s experience of the world and shown him what respectful, professional relationships look like. You can share in the joy of being a role model at one of 17 local Be A Middle School Mentor partner schools. It’s a proven strategy for motivating middle school children to succeed in school and life.

Just a small investment of your time can reap big rewards for people in need.

To volunteer, visit: http://uwswpa.org/be-a-volunteer

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