United Way serves people in need. And when we do, lives are improved. Whether they’re a financially struggling family, a person living with a disability or their caregiver, a senior, a veteran, a woman going through an unexpected crisis, or a child in need… our programs, partners and assistance are just a phone call away.



We care deeply about the people in our community who are struggling to pay for basic needs that we take for granted every day—a bus fare, dinner, or a prescription. We believe that those who cannot always pay the bills, have little or nothing in savings, and who are often forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality childcare or paying the rent deserve our investment in stabilizing their futures. We see the precarious balance of a life where one unexpected car repair or medical bill can push an individual or a family over the edge. And this is where you come in. Through your gifts to the United Way Impact Fund, we help feed people, keep a roof over their heads, provide companionship, employment assistance, transportation and so much more.

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We believe that with the right resources and support, children can grow into whoever they want to be. Every child deserves a bright future. That’s why our programs prepare children and youth for success in school and beyond.


We believe our neighbors should not have to experience homelessness, hunger and struggle to make ends meet. When families face the unexpected—an early helping hand can be the difference between a short-term set-back and a major life crisis. United Way helps bridge the gap for financially struggling families with short-term support and also helps build a path to self-sufficiency for the future.



We believe people living with disabilities deserve the right to live with respect, dignity and independence. United Way is working hard through programs, advocacy and systems change to ensure that people living with disabilities have more independent, fuller lives in the community through employment and housing opportunities. We also support the families who care for them.


We believe seniors have the right to live with dignity and independence for as long as possible. That’s why United Way assists seniors with things like food, rides, and friendship. The simplest things we take for granted everyday have the power to transform a senior’s life. We also know that the best support comes from loved ones. That’s why United Way is also working to support caregivers.

12,122 families were connected to resources to help them meet basic needs

In 2017-18 we helped

over 414,000 people in need in our local community

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