Determined to Succeed

“I’m committed to being at mentoring every time because David is taking time out of his day just to be there for me.”

Josh, an 8th grader at Pittsburgh King PreK-8, has been part of United Way’s Be A Middle School Mentor program for almost two years now. He is determined to learn all he can about developing his professional resume to achieve his dreams, and he found a great resource in his mentor, David.

Josh and David talk about a lot of things, including family, what it’s like to work in the business world and how to prepare for high school and college. Josh is inspired by his mom to work hard for his education. She is currently going back to school to pursue her GED while raising her family. “I’m interested in learning how to make a resume, and how to get my grades up so I can have a good life,” Josh says.

Josh has always had good grades and has been on the Honor Roll for his whole 8th grade year, but he struggles with science. David talks with Josh about how to approach studying, helping Josh carve out time for homework before starting to watch TV, play games or do chores at home. “I didn’t know how to make time for homework before,” Josh says.

Josh gets a lot of support from David as he works toward his dreams of becoming an artist for kids’ books and television shows. David thinks Josh has great talent. He is right there with Josh as he explores his options for the future, which includes inspiring other kids. “I’d like to help people who are like me to succeed in their goals, like David is helping me,” he says.

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