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Christine and David Dunn

“We really feel a part of this city. We’ve been Steelers and Penguins fans for such a long time and it’s very cool to be part of a sports scene we’ve been following from afar all these years,”

MJ Klimas

“I’m helping people, of all ages and stages of their career, bring their best and most brilliant selves to the world every day. I help them apply tools and techniques to prepare for interviews, craft presentations, manage career changes, seek promotions, or simply enhance their overall presence”

Matty Tippit-Soto

“When a passion for one career shifts by a calling to help others enjoy the most basic needs that most take for granted.
Matty Tippit-Soto, once on a path of getting her Juris Doctor degree, is now the Agency Relations and Snap Coordinator at the Westmoreland Food Bank.”

Miles Urban

“The importance of establishing meaningful connections that make an impact throughout the community drives a passion for giving back to those less fortunate.”

Kathy Selvaggi, MD

“WLC is about women in leadership setting an example for younger women. We are demonstrating what it means to care for and engage wider communities.”