Tocqueville Society

Craft Family Photo

Jeff and Tara Craft

The United Way plays such a vital role in connecting the right resources and partners to address specific needs and I’m proud to be a part of that process.

Brad and Wendy Parrish

Wendy and Brad Parrish

“Our engagement with the United Way has grown our understanding of how much they support our communities in need, and we trust that our donations are going to the people and organizations with the greatest…

Mary Jo and Dan Haffner

Mary Jo and Dan Haffner

We find it reassuring to donate to United Way knowing that the research has been done for us. They know where deficiencies exist in the community.

Steenson Family

Matt and Jen Steenson

“United Way allows you to connect with the right people at the right time to make the greatest impact. Their leadership team is at the heart of everything they do. And we all know as business professionals,…

Jen Haefeli and JJ Matthews

Jen Haefeli and JJ Matthews

"United Way has provided different hands-on and educational opportunities for kids and their parents/family members to be involved in together, which is great."

Carol Jackson

Carol Jackson

"All it took was a small amount of education to appreciate that United Way is one of the more efficient ways to channel your philanthropic dollars."

Blohm Family

Maria and Brian Blohm

“There's no other organization that brings businesses and professionals together to give back to the community and create change like United Way does."

The Faucher Family

Committed to the Region’s Economy and Health

“Everything going on in the world right now, including the pandemic, only heightens the critical need to address healthcare issues and social disparities by supporting organizations such as United W…

Elaine and John Frombach

Elaine and John Frombach are no ordinary Tocqueville members. Their involvement with United Way dates to the early seventies.