Tocqueville Society

Carol Jackson

Carol Jackson

"All it took was a small amount of education to appreciate that United Way is one of the more efficient ways to channel your philanthropic dollars."

Blohm Family

Maria and Brian Bohm

“There's no other organization that brings businesses and professionals together to give back to the community and create change like United Way does.”

The Faucher Family

Committed to the Region’s Economy and Health

“Everything going on in the world right now, including the pandemic, only heightens the critical need to address healthcare issues and social disparities by supporting organizations such as United W…

Christine and David Dunn

"We really feel a part of this city. We’ve been Steelers and Penguins fans for such a long time and it’s very cool to be part of a sports scene we’ve been following from afar all these years,”

Elaine and John Frombach

Elaine and John Frombach are no ordinary Tocqueville members. Their involvement with United Way dates to the early seventies.

Raising awareness for autism and United Way

"If we continue to encourage people to be active in organizations, like the United Way and its Tocqueville Society, we can be a positive force for change in the modern world.”