Lead. Impact. Network. Change.

United Way LINC harnesses the power of individuals under 30 to care for the common good. Together, they help kids in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania succeed in school, families gain stability, and neighbors overcome hardships for a community that can prosper. Membership is available for those under 30 who choose to contribute $250 or more to United Way’s Impact Fund or key initiatives.

This is your opportunity to make a difference. Share your knowledge. Apply your skills. Volunteer. Network with like-minded individuals. Learn from business and community leaders. And most importantly, change lives.

Engagement Opportunities:

  •       Volunteer opportunities followed by networking /social hour
  •       Professional development series, including guest speakers
  •       Quarterly Newsletter


Shawn Robinson

Shawn Robinson

“Being able to work with other young professionals who are passionate about giving back to the committee has been humbling and inspiring.”

Stephanie Garbe

Stephanie Garbe

“United Way’s young professionals provides the opportunity to personally make a difference in the lives of children who will someday lead our community. It’s an invaluable way to give back, alongside so many others who care.”


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